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Essay Cyber Bullying As A Big One Essay Example For Students

Essay Cyber Bullying As A Big One Essay With the use of the internet increasing, researchers are finding a higher amount of cyberbullying. According to Hinduja and Patchin, â€Å"There is no shortage of potential offenders or victims of cyberbullying because of the widespread availability of computers and the Internet in the developed world,† (Hinduja and Patchin, 132). Both the writers make a good point stating this fact. With the amount of technology that is available to students, on different devises, has allowed them to freely communicate. While this is not all bad, there are major downfalls, cyber bullying being a big one. Technology plays an important role in cyberbullying. According to Hinduja and Patchin, â€Å"The primary means through which it can occur include the Internet-enabled personal computer and cellular phone,† (Hiduja and Patchin, 131). The internet is one off the biggest components to cyberbullying, because it is available on computers and cellphones. Social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more are big sites that many teens use to bully. Social media is available on multiple different devices, including cellphones. While cellphones are good ways of communicating, it is often easy to say things that you would not say to someone’s face. This is another example of how cellphones are used to cyberbully. Nowadays, it is hard to find a teenage whose face is not glued to their phone. Cellphones have a way of giving some teens a sense of false confidence. When they are cyberbullying a peer, it is not a direct conversation. They can say what they want and hide behind a screen. Hiduja and Patchin make a great point when stating, â€Å"Cyberbullying is the unfortunate by-product of the union of adolescent aggression and electronic com. .ore of the blame on them Hart, 32). This can be linked back our current study because of the video we had participants watch prior to taking the survey. Each video had a specific purpose, which was to frame the surveyor to feel a specific way. We would then analyze their information to see if the video made any difference. We had an episodic and thematic video, along with multiple questions regarding who was at fault, government and parent intervention and how school environment can affect cyberbullying. Data would support Hypothesis 2, which is, Compared to people exposed to news with an episodic frame, those watching news with a thematic frame will be more likely to agree that schools should play an active role in preventing teen cyberbullying. This is true because studies show that a thematic frame makes people rely more on government intervention (Hart, 32).

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search Essays - Valerie, Fragrance Company, Personal Ethics

After reading the case study from the book, it talks about how a marketing manger name Valerie Young faces personal ethics at her job. Valerie is an colonist worker with a Chicago based international cosmetic and fragrance company named Wisson. Valerie is a very intelligent work who can offer the company with whatever knowledge of organizational, financial, and marketing capabilities they need. One day she notice that the copy machine has a paper jam. Upon, her research she came across some document that was in the machine, that was left by her boss. After she looked over the document, she discovered that her boss, Waters, had been receiving what seems to be "kickbacks:, as she would say. This was from a private company that her boss had been using in order to sell her fragrances. Valerie realize that this put her in an awkward position, meaning if she report this she may have to leave the country for good and lose her job at the same time. Now, Valerie has to decide how to handle th is situation before it's too late.

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Optimal performance and appraisals

Optimal performance and appraisals Introduction Performance appraisal is the process of evaluating an employee’s performance of an employee in the dispensation of his/her duties. A performance appraisal is a strategic method of integrating human resource functions with the policies of the institution. This essay seeks to recommend a performance appraisal system that a person serving as a retail-store manager can effectively use.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Optimal performance and appraisals specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Among the responsibilities that a person in this capacity is expected to fulfill include the scheduling and assigning of duties to junior workers as well as the identification and implementation of customer needs. A retail store manager is also tasked with the responsibility of hiring employees and ensuring that the individuals who are taken on board are committed to the attainment of the company’s strat egic goals. Theoretical Framework Wayne Cascio (2013) describes performance appraisal as the systematic description of an employees job relevant strengths and weaknesses (p.331). Among the elements that are evaluated at when conducting a performance appraisal are the employee’s initiative, loyalty and regularity in comparison with their counterparts in the same position and in consideration of the company’s laid-down objectives. When conducting a performance appraisal, there are three key terms of relevance. These are rater, ratee and rating. The rater (sometimes called the appraiser) is the person who is conducting the assessment of the employees’ performance (Peretz and Fried, 2008). The ratee is the person whose performance is being evaluated, while rating is the process of a performance appraisal (Katleen, Ashford and Buyens, 2001). The techniques for conducting performance appraisals are divided into two main categories; old and modern methods of appraisal. Among the old methods of appraisal are ranking, which can be done by simple ranking, alternation ranking and paired comparison, depending on the requirements of the task. Graphic rating scales were also used in the traditional appraisal systems and these worked by rating the employees on elements such as the quality of work done and their reliability. Confidential reports, prepared by the immediate supervisor of the ratee were also used in the past to conduct performance appraisals. In presenting the confidentiality reports, the supervisors used a number of methods including checklists, critical incidents and narrative essays, all of which focus on evaluating the strength of the ratee.Advertising Looking for critical writing on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The modern methods of performance appraisal are more elaborate that the old methods. One of the popular modern methods of appraisal is ref erred to as Management by Objectives (MBO). This method is used to gauge the effectiveness of managers in the dispensation of their duties. The MBO process starts with the senior and junior managers setting common objectives and then making plans for the attainment of these objectives (Kondrasuk, 2012). The subordinate managers then put the plan into action before their performance is evaluated in comparison with the objectives. Any areas of weakness are corrected on time in order to allow the plan attain maximum effectiveness. The second method of modern performance appraisal is the usage of assessment centers. In this method, the ratees are given several psychological and management exercises, which are evaluated to help identify which individuals are ready for promotion. Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) are also among the modern methods of employee appraisal. The BARS method works by assessing the ratee’s attitude towards his/her job (Scott and Einstein, 2001). I ndividuals with a positive attitude towards their job tend to be interested in gaining more skills to enable them serve well in the position. They will, therefore, be ranked much-higher than individuals who have a negative attitude and are not making any effort to upgrade their skills. The other technique that is popularly used to conduct performance appraisals is Human Resource Accounting (HRA). In this method, the raters evaluate the contribution of the ratees to the overall success of the company (Scott and Einstein, 2001). If the contribution of an individual is found to be more than the cost, then the performance of the ratee is defined as positive, and vice versa. One of the primary functions of performance appraisal is the improvement of the employees work performance (Cascio, 2013). When workers know that their work will be assessed periodically, they tend to put in more effort than if they are not worried of an evaluation exercise. Performance appraisals also furnish manage rs and their juniors with information that can be used to make relevant business decisions (Cascio, 2013).Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Optimal performance and appraisals specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More By pointing out the areas that need to be worked on, senior-level managers and their subordinates can easily identify the workers that are not contributing well to the growth of the company. Performance appraisals also help to identify the developmental needs of employee in a bid to establish the objectives for training (Cascio, 2013). It is only after a performance appraisal that managers can point out the areas in which the employees need more training on. Performance appraisal for a retail store manager A retail store manager is personally held accountable for the conduct of other workers in the store. He/She is also directly responsible for handling customer complaints and demands in ways that leav es the clients satisfied and encouraged to continue shopping in the same store. With this knowledge in mind, the performance appraisal system for use by a person in this capacity needs to be handled from various dimensions. A combination of the MBO and HRA will give the rater more insight regarding the output of the manager. The primary objective for a retail store owner is to make as much profit as possibly, while incurring the least-possible expenses. In setting up an MBO for the store, retail store manager and other members of senior-level management need to hold a meeting with the junior managers, in which the objectives of the enterprise will be presented. The junior managers have to confirm that the set targets are realistic and achievable. At their stations, the junior managers are expected to implement strategies that will see them meet all the targets that were set in the meeting with store manager. This is because the store manager is expected to visit their quarters rando mly to check on the gains made. The rationale for using an MBO is that because the junior managers pre-set their targets, they are driven to achieve them in order to avoid the embarrassment of being branded failures. The other gain made by using the Management by Objectives strategy is that the regular assessment exercises can easily confirm whether or not as strategy is working well, with the possibility of scrapping it for a better approach.Advertising Looking for critical writing on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The HRA comes in handy to ensure that the store meets its primary target of making profits. The products in the store cannot sell themselves and that is why there are people working there. However, having the wrong person working for a retail store can lead to a loss in clients. It is of paramount importance that the manager of a retail store understands that each and every member of his workforce ultimately contributes to the profitability of the company. If the costs associated with keeping the junior managers and their workers in the company are much lesser than the financial gains by their presence, then they will be given a positive review. On the other hand, if retaining the workers in the company costs more than what the company gains, then they will be given a negative review and possibly recommended for release. Conclusion The discussion above has recommended the implementation of a combined MBO and HRA as the most-ideal appraisal technique for use by a retail store manager . The MBO has been selected because it has been seen as a technique that gets individuals to commit to particular strategy and are, therefore, be drawn to its implementation. The technique has also been selected because it allows for change to be implemented in a timely fashion, when a strategy does not appear to be working well. The HRA has also been selected to work with the MBO because it fits well in the nature of the business under assessment. By implementing the HRA, the retail-store manager is in a position to identify the individuals that are bringing gains to the establishment and setting them apart from those that are being burdensome. The major limitation of this combined strategy is that the two components both need a lot of time to implement and evaluate, time that may not be available when the institution is not doing well financially. Reference List Cascio, W. (2013). Managing Human Resources. New York: Mc-Graw Hill eduction. Katleen E.S., Ashford, S. Buyens, D. (200 1). Self-Regulation of Creativity at Work: The Role of Feedback-Seeking Behavior in Creative Performance. Academy of Management Journal, 84(4), 811-831. Kondrasuk, J. N. (2012). The ideal performance appraisal is a format, not a form.  Academy of Strategic Management Journal, 11(1), 115-130. Peretz, H., Fried, Y. (2008). National values, performance appraisal practices, and organizational performance: A study across 21 countries. Academy of Management Proceedings. 1(3), 1-6. Scott, G., Einstein, O. (2001). Strategic performance appraisal in team-based organizations: One size does not fit all. Academy of Management Executive, 15(2), 107-116.

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Charles Darwin Essay Natural Selection Example For Students

Charles Darwin Essay Natural Selection Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. He was the son of Robert WaringDarwin and his wife Susannah; and the grandson of the scientist Erasmus Darwin,and of the potter Josiah Wedgwood. His mother died when he was eight years old,and he was brought up by his sister. He was taught classics at Shrewsbury, thensent to Edinburgh to study medicine, which he hated, and a final attempt ateducating him was made by sending him to Christs College, Cambridge, to studytheology (1827). During that period he loved to collect plants, insects, andgeological specimens, guided by his cousin William Darwin Fox, an entomologist. His scientific inclinations were encouraged by his botany professor, JohnStevens Henslow, who was instrumental, depsite heavy paternal opposition, insecuring a place for Darwin as a naturalist on the surveying expedition of HMSBeagle to Patagonia (1831-6). Under Captain Robert Fitzroy, he visited Tenerife,the Cape Verde Is, Brazil, Montevideo, Tierra del Fuego, Buenos Aires,Valparaiso, Chile, the Galapagos, Tahiti, New Zealand, and Tasmania. In theKeeling Is he devised his theory of coral reefs. During this five-yearexpedition he obtained intimate knowledge of the fauna, flora, and geology ofmany lands, which equipped him for his later investigations. By 1846 he hadpublished several works on the geologcial and zoological descoveries of hisvoyage- works that placed him at once in the front rank of scientists. Hedeveloped a friendship with Sir Charles Lyell, became secretary of theGeological Society (1838-41), and in 1839 married his cousin Emma Wedgewood(1808-96). From 1842 he lived a t Down House, Downe, Kent, a country gentlemanamong his gardens, conservatories, pigeons, and fowls. The practical knowledgehe gained there, especially in variation and interbreeding, proved invaluable. Private means enabled him to devote himself to science, in spite of continuousill-health: it was not realized until after his death that he had suffered fromChagass diasease, which he had contracted from an insect bite while in SouthAmerica. At Down House he addressed himself to the great work of his life- theproblem of the origin of species. After five years of collecting the evidence,he began to speculate on the subject. In 1842 he drew up his observations insome short.

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The Sadhu case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Sadhu case - Essay Example Eventually, the Sadhu gained the energy to walk by himself. The theories include moral relativism, categorical imperative, utilitarian, ethical egoism, and divine command (Jennings 13). In moral relativism, one assesses the prevailing situation and resolves to take an action that will be justified by the pressure of the moment. All the groups and individuals abandoned the Sadhu after giving him all the necessary assistance and realizing that he would move on his own. They had to move before the road was cleared by melting snow. Their need to get back their way before they could lose it justified their actions to abandon the Sadhu. The theory of categorical imperative was also evident among all the groups and individuals. They all helped the Sadhu even when they could not benefit anything from their actions. However, they were influenced by the fact that they expected to be treated in a similar manner should they find themselves in a needy situation like that of the Sadhu. According to the theory of utilitarian, people should chose make a decision with maximum benefits and minimum harms when resolving ethical dilemmas. One of the New Zealanders identified the body of the Sadhu and did his best to take him down the mountain before he met McCoy. He dumped the body of the Sadhu before McCoy and resumed back to climbing the mountain with his friends (Jennings 6). That was the best he could do because he was supposed to cross the pass before sun could melt the ice. Ethical egoism is evident when Pasang refused to allow the porters to carry the Sadhu because they would not have enough energy to cross the pass after carrying the Sadhu to the hut. Pasang heavily relied on the porters to carry his luggage. The divine command theory is based on the idea that ethics is defined by religious beliefs. Stephen was a staunch Christians who believed in putting the interests of others before his own interests. He managed to assists the Sadhu even though he

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WK 1 PS240 Psychological Research Methods Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

WK 1 PS240 Psychological Methods - Research Paper Example The correlation would reveal if people who lived together before marriage got divorced, if they did not live together before marriage and got divorced, or if no relationship exists between the two separate variables. Correlations do not suggest that one variable causes or influences the other variable, but that there are characteristics in common between the two individual variables. The experimental procedure of psychological investigation requires the researcher to influence one variable to dictate if variations in one variable causes changes to occur in another variable; experiments are undergone to â€Å"determine if there is a causal relationship between two or more variables (Hayes, 2007).† Part of the experimental procedure is to tweak certain variables to aim at a certain result, or else to see if that certain result is even capable of being reached. One of the greatest benefits of experimentation in psychology is that experimenters are able to have a reasonable amount of control over the variables. An example of when a researcher would rely on experimentation would be if they wanted to determine how a certain group of people or individuals naturally act in any given environment. The researcher could tweak the variables of the experiment by changing the environment that their subjects would find themselves in. The researchers would not be able to personally alter or even predict the behavior of their subjects, but by adding distractions or other variables to the environment, they can reach a specific conclusion of their

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Video game and console gaming addiction Essay Example for Free

Video game and console gaming addiction Essay I. The Problem and its Background A. INTRODUCTION In recent years gaming addiction (computer game addiction, console gaming addiction, or even excessive play on portable systems) has received increased attention not only from the media, but also from psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health organizations, and gamers themselves. Gaming addiction is not yet classified as a mental health disorder or true addiction like gambling or alcohol addiction. However, some gamers clearly struggle to keep their playing habits under control and may place more importance on their gaming accomplishments than their happiness and success in the real world (e. g. , academic achievement, friendships, relationships, career advancement, health, etc. ). B. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Many people or computer users have their thoughts and questions about online games. But this is some common questions that we will have to acknowledge: a.Why do students easily get addicted in computer/online games? b. What are the harmful effects in getting addicted to computer/online games? C. IMPORTANCE OF STUDY This study aimed to know why many student easily get addicted to computer games and the harmful effects of computer/online games. D. DEFINITION OF TERMS †¢ Addiction- is the continued use of a mood altering substance or behavior despite adverse dependency consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors. †¢ Online Game- is a video game played over some form of computer network, using a personal computer or video game console. This network is usually the internet or equivalent technology, but games have always used whatever technology was current: modems before the Internet, and hard wired terminals before modems. The expansion of online gaming has reflected the overall expansion of computer networks from small local networks to the internet and the growth of internet access itself.